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XtremeRope is made from UHMW-PE, also known as HMPE, this fibre is as strong as steel, at about ⅛ of the weight and it floats on water. This fibre conquers the many common challenges faced in the industry; abrasion, bending fatigue, compression and creep fatigue. With low stretch and low recoil, XtremeRope is safe and comfortable for workers, furthermore, it is easy to splice, inspect and repair.


XtremeRope exists in two types; Coral and Blue. Coral is made with a wider diameter to further combat abrasion (think of the wider diameter as extra material, like a sacrificial abrasion layer). Blue is used when a small diameter is of most importance.

  Attributes and Advantages of XtremeRope

  • Abrasion Resistant

  • Chemical Resistant

  • Wire Rope Replacement

  • Flex Fatigue Resistant

  • Low Elongation

  • UV Resistant

  • High Strength

  • Easy to Repair

  • Flexible

  • Easy to Inspect

  • Low Stretch

  • Torque-Free

  • Easy to Splice

  • Floats

  • Lightweight


 Common Uses of XtremeRope

  • Chipper Winch Line

  • Davit

  • Face and Wing Wire

  • Shield Hauler

  • Reef Line

  • Wire Rope replacement

  • First Ashore

  • Emergency Tow System

  • Trapeze Line

  • Lifeline

  • Tug Mainine

  • Tug Messenger Line

  • Tug Pendant

  • Vehicle Winch Line

  • Halyard

  • Control Line

  • Working Line for Mining or Offshore

  • Lifting Sling for Mining, Offshore or Utility

  • Primary Mooring Line / Non-jacketed

  • Winch Line for Mining, Offshore, Tug, Safety or Utility

Xtreme Rope
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