We provide a variety of rope made from synthetic and natural fibers.


  • Polypropylene is resistant to most acids, Alkalis and other chemicals commonly present in industrial usage. Supplied with medium to soft lay for ease in splicing and handling. Rope comes in fully protected coils or for a small charge, easily handling spools. We supply 3 strand, 8 strand, and 12 strand Polytuff.

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  • Double Braid Nylon is an all around rope with Nylon core inside a soft Nylon cover resulting in a 100% Nylon rope with high strength and good shock absorption.

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  • 3 Strand Nylon rope has excellent shock absorbing qualities, and great resistance to most acids, alkalis and industrial chemicals.

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  • Made from long, thin and soft Abaca fibres and cordage solution. Low stretch factor, will hold a non-slip knot. Manila rope is excellent for ‘tag’ lines, staging and other safety applications.

  • Manila rope is prepared by pulp and sawmills as it is biodegradable.

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