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We have been selling Xtreme Products for over 20 years. Keystone sells XtremeAnchors, XtremeRope and XtremeWinch™ Rope.


The Canadian Coast Guard uses the XtremeAnchors for securing their floating aids to navigation to the sea bottom exactly on station.  They are used in both the Atlantic and Pacific and in even in violent sea locations off of Newfoundland and Haida Gwaii.


Our XtremeRope exists in two types; Coral and Blue. Coral is made with a wider diameter to further combat abrasion (think of the wider diameter as extra material, like a sacrificial abrasion layer). Blue is used when a small diameter is of most importance.

Xtreme Winch Rope is offered in a wide range of bring colours and is coated in I-Coat of Belgium to resist abrasion. The unique 12-strand blend of polyester and dyneema is ideal for winching.  ABS Type Approval and Lloyd’s Register (LR) is available upon request.


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