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Xtreme Winch Rope™ is of exceptionally high-strength, is lightweight and can float on water. Additionally, Xtreme Winch Rope™ can grip on a capstan or H-bitt. Xtreme Winch Rope™ is made from a unique 12-strand dyneema and polyester blend which allows for a wide variety of colours, and resistance to abrasion, cutting and heat. Xtreme Winch Rope™ is firm, flexible and torque-free, for this reason, it performs well on both single and split-drum winches.


Xtreme Winch Rope™ is buoyant and has low water absorption, as a result, it is easy and quick to handle during deployment and retrieval. Additionally, Xtreme Winch Rope™ has a substantially long service life.


The coating of Xtreme Winch Rope™ made by I-Coats N.V. Innovative Coating Solutions, located in Belgium, which provides improved handling, easy splicing and added UV protection. ABS, Lloyd’s Register (LR), and DNV-GL certificates are available.


Specific Gravity: 0.99

  • Xtreme Winch Rope™ is in compliance with Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF) Mooring Equipment Guidelines & ISO 2307

  • Other sizes available upon request

  • Xtreme Winch Rope™ is offered in a wide range of bright colours and is coated in I-Coat coating (Belgium) to resist    abrasion. The unique 12-strand blend of polyester and dyneema. ABS Type Approval and Lloyd’s Register (LR) is available upon request.


  Positive Characteristics

  • Abrasion resistant and good grip

  • Floats

  • High strength and Lightweight

  • Flexible

  • Inspection, Splicing, and Handling is simple

  • High coefficient of friction

  • Coated with I-Coats N.V. Innovative Coating Solutions (Belgium)

Xtreme Winch Rope™

Elastic Elongation

Common Uses of Winch Rope

  • Grab H-Bitt well

  • Winch line for tug rakes

  • Wire rope replacement

  • Working line for offshore

  • Lifting sling for high value lifts

  •  Working lines

  • Tie up lines

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