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Offshore Mooring Chain and accessories are built to withstand the harsh environments found offshore. Primarily used on drilling ships and folding production storage and offloading (FPSO). We sell a wide range of Offshore Mooring Chain, that is equipped to handle the the wide range of the harsh environmental conditions found offshore. The Offshore Mooring Chain are built to withstand corrosion, deep sea water pressure, extreme temperature and have strong breaking and pulling loads.


Chain Diameter: 34 mm - 162 mm

Grade: R3, R3S, R4, R4S, R5

Accessories: Stud link mooring chain, studless link mooring chains, swivel, swivel shackle, triangle plate.

Application: Offshore drilling equipment, mobile offshore recovery equipment, floating crane, pipe-laying ship.  

Material: High Quality Offshore Mooring Chain Steel

Certificate: CCS, BV, ABS, LR, BKI, API, etc.

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